Phillip Rocke Signature Series
From the Brand:
Phillip Rocke has become synonymous with premium quality in the vaping community, and for good reason: Phillip Rocke e-liquid is meticulously hand-crafted in California using exclusively-sourced high-quality ingredients and US Triple Refined Nicotine (for bottles containing nicotine). The "quality-over-quantity" mantra has manifested itself in every single Phillip Rocke creation, including popular hits like the aged-and-refined Grand Reserve, the small-batch crafted Carnage by ANML, and phenoms like Enter The Dragon and Adam & Eve by Gemini Vapors.


Phillip Rocke Signature Series

Now available at Australia's premier vape shop Destination Buttered pecan banana nut bread. Available in 60ml For more eliquid click here...
Grape blueberry punch. Available in 60ml.
Cinnamon toast crunch. Available in 60ml.
  Taste Test: Honey Cream E-Liquid by Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve is a steeped, opulent combination of honey paired with rich vanilla cream....
A delicious blend of fruit infused cereal loops with creamy milk that will have you reminiscing this breakfast...
The Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve is an ultra premium, top shelf brand of e-liquids created by renown artisan...
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