Dos Equis Squonker |
by JD Tech

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DesignThe famous Filipino modder, JD Tech, is back with a brand new box: the Dos Equis Squonker! People will remember how amazing the Stingray and Dos Equis were and the Dos Equis Squonker is also full of promises! JD Tech offers a bottom-feeder box this time, the squonk window isn't on the front, nor one the side of the box, but between. A very interesting place for a comfortable use!The box is made of aluminum and anodized aluminum for a beautiful and elegant design! You'll definitely have the style with this one! The box is pretty small for a mechanical box (72mm height only). It's one of the smallest mechanical bottom-feeder box on the market but it remains full of charm!

Physical features

  • Height: 72mm
  •  Construction:aluminum
  • Aanodized aluminum


JD Tech offers a great box in terms of performances. The modder thought about the essential points: power and conductivity. The top switch is mechanical and ensures a perfect conductivity and an easy maintenance. The Dos Equis Squonker works with a 18650 battery and offers a sufficient battery-life for a daily use. The box is delivered with a Cappy V4 RS Kompakt bottle.

This time again, JD Tech spoils us with an amazing box that will please a lot of vapers. Notice that the Dos Equis Squonker exists in limited edition (300 pieces only) so don't miss it!

Technical features

  • Mechanical bottom-feeder box-
  • 18650 battery- Adjustable 510 pin-
  • Mechanical top switch-
  • Cappy V4 RS Kompakt bottle included-
  • Limited edition: 300 pieces

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