Rasmus |
by Vapoureyes



Rasmus is a simple and unassuming blend of rich raspberry with delicate wispsåÊof pure vanillin and bourbon notes.åÊDesigned for dripping with a VG ratio of 95%, this is an unrivaled dripping experience, nothing like nothing you've had before.

Please note that Rasmus has been formulated from the ground up for dripping and is not recommended for tanks 

60ml Doubler

Due to the high VG content:

  • Give Rasmus a little longer to steep
  • Aim for high wattages to bring out the flavour
  • Shake well before use, especially if you're adding nicotine
Flavour Profile


Fresh Rasberries


Vanilla, Creams, Slight Bourbon

Recommended Steep Time

3-7 Days
Juice Colour Golden Honey
PG:VG Blend 95/05 VG/PG
Nicotine Free

Contains natural and artificial flavourings.

Rasmus |
by Vapoureyes