Sherlock Hohm 20700 |
2782mAh Cell by Hohm Tech

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From Hohm Tech comes the Sherlock Hohm 20700 2782mah Battery. This battery performs like its smaller 18650 brothers, but with an increased tolerance to higher amp loads and voltage. The Sherlock Hohm are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 2782mah capacity, with a CDR of 28.4A, and a pulse/peak rating of 47.8A. It is most closely related to the Hohm Work 18650 cell but has 1.3% greater Ni (nickel) per unit of measure. Results are incredibly high amperage delivery, with an assurance of consistent coalition within the Li-NiMn chemistry. 

  • Capacity: 2782mah
  • Max charge rate: 3.15A
  • Continuous discharge rate: 28.4A
  • Pulse | Peak: 47.8A
  • Cycle life retention: 500 cycles (69%), 1000 (60%)
  • Chemistry type: Li-ion INR (Li-NiMn)
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Sherlock Hohm 20700 |
2782mAh Cell by Hohm Tech